Roberto Barriga Maldonado

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Roberto Barriga Maldonado


Roberto is specialized in transportation, commerce, insurance and resinsurance, as well as in energy law.

He graduated with honors from Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil, he worked in two of the main Law Firms in Guayaquil, managing corporate and commercial, shipping, energy, insurance, and litigations subjects. He obtained a LLM (Master of Laws) in Maritime Law at University of Southampton in the United Kingdom.

He worked in London for two of the main Protection and Indemnification (P&I) Clubs from the International Group of P&I Clubs, managing P&I and Defense (FD&D) subjects as well as revision of contracts. He represents local and international clients, including insurance and reinsurer companies, ship-owners, agents, P&I clubs, international legal firms, and multinational corporations.

He has a wide experience in all the aspects related to the shipping and shipping insurance industry, response to casualties in collisions, stranding, fires and explosions, salvage and removal of debris, pollution, and limitation of liability.

His experience includes disputes for general average, towing contracts, and disputes with tugboat companies and tugboat staff, preparation of contracts and freight disputes, and bills of lading, contract elaboration and disputes related to foreign trade, international purchase and sale of commodities, as well as assistance in insurance coverage and procedures for reimbursement. Roberto has assisted energy multinational companies in shipping, foreign trade, and insurance subjects, as well as in insurance claims (including property and business interruption).

He has published articles in the British Insurance Law Association Journal (Insurance claims for loss by piratical seizure: Masefield v Amlin in the Court of Appeal in Journal 123 of November 2011) as well as for the student publication Southampton Student Law Review (Concurrency of Causes and The Cendor MOPU).
Roberto obtained the qualification of P&I granted by the International Group of P&I and validated by the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute).