Juan Javier Canessa Chiriboga

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Juan Javier Canessa Chiriboga


Graduated as an Attorney at Law at Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil (2008).

Master in Legal Sciences with a major in Commercial Law at Universidad Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona, Spain (2009-2010).

His professional practice is mainly focused in the management and resolution of several nature litigations, especially in the civil and commercial fields. Likewise, he provides general counseling services to clients with subjects of a corporate, contractual, customs, heritage, regulatory frameworks, international business, banking, telecommunications, and insurance nature.

He is experienced in managing contested subjects, and in permanent counseling to clients in port issues, logistic chain, and transportation law, especially in the shipping field, addressed to incidents, purchase/sale and international transportation of merchandise, insurance, shipping business, insurance claims, liens, marine mortgages, among others.

He permanently provides legal counseling services to leading companies of the market in different fields such as banking, real estate, industrial, hospitality, consumption, and commercial.

He has a wide experience in the field of legal repossessions. He worked as a Senior Associate Lawyer in one of the main Law Firms in Guayaquil (2005-2014) mainly devoted to the management of litigation issues and providing corporate counseling services in different areas.

He held the office as General Secretary for the Vice-Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador (2019-2020) during this term he was on a leave of absence, having reintegrated to date to his regular activities at the Firm.

He has a Master’s Degree in Law and Management of Sport Entities from Instituto de Estudios Deportivos de Barcelona, Spain, thereby providing counseling services in legal issues, management, and corporate regulation to different sport institutions.